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Bridging the Digital Divide
Computer Olympics 
Harris Foundation 
S.T.A.R.S. of Cypress Club 
Technology For All  
Technology Student Association (TSA) 
Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) 

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NSTA recognizes that the future is all high-tech! Around the world, societies are being re-structured literally from the ground up as new technology emerges with globalization. As this new world evolves, we recognize the needs of "the Digital Divide."



These projects include special science and technology projects and events that offer students opportunities to expand their interests in these fields. Annual Science Fairs, RoboFest, Science Olympiad, Technology Students Association Robotics, the Computer Olympics, and others fall within the scope of NSTA’s sponsorship interests. To view one of our recent recipients of NSTA Charity Funding, visit Bridging the Digital Divide.

NSTA CHARITIES will review all such needs and work with the Finance and Accounting department in disseminating NSTA charitable funding and volunteer assistance in these arenas.



If you are interested in joining this committee, contact [email protected].

Pam Wood
Charities Director

NSTA has committed itself to give financial assistance to those areas that are technologically challenged, whether it be in area schools or whole neighborhoods. We lend assistance to science fares, robotic classes, the Annual Computer Olympics, and to student competitions in innovation and invention. If you would like to assist me in finding qualified organizations, schools, events, or neighborhoods that could use a technology boost, or to help me with special charity events that meet this mission, contact me by email: