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Partnering with the Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company (EBC), production will begn soon on our own weekly one-hour TV show called, 

Technology in the News, scheduled to air over cable and other carriers across the nation.

In the world of Social Networking, Technology in the News will be a collection of participants contributing short videos and news stories of new and advancing technologies.

The Space & Technology News Bureau (STN) is NSTA’s premiere feature and benefit. Being more than just a news “service,” STN is a fully professional news bureau along the lines of the major network outlets on the public airwaves today. This unique-to-the-industry news bureau provides professional news journalists, reporters and writers to provide news coverage of all advancements and developments of high technology. Through relationships established with the mass media, plus its own autonomous media production facilities, STN looks to better inform the public at-large with information of technology on the move.

If you are interested in joining this committee, contact .


World Access to Net Grows!


Latest estimates show that  global users of the Internet now number over 1.5 billion. The U.S. Census Bureau's report, released in June 2009, shows that 62% of American households have access - an 18% increase in 10 years.

Clickhere for more.



The Internet of the Future

Popular Science magazine asks: "Can we ever be brought together by a technology that has no common ground?" The subject is the Internet. The challenge is the fact that the Web has become a Virtual Tower of Babel. With the hundreds of thousands of languages, there is no centralization. What next? Click here.


The World is Gathering in Cybercafes!

There are over 4100 Cybercafes in 141 countries. Want to find one near you? Click here.


Literally! No Place to Hide ... Again!

So, you want to hide in a cave somewhere. Get away from it all. Build your own tunnel where no one can find you. Right? Dream on! New technology from DARPA takes even that away from you. Read about it here.


Worms, Bugs, Viruses, Trojan Horses ... Send out the Ants! "Today's security software is designed to defend us against all known threats at all times, but those who develop computer worms and other malware keep introducing slight variations to evade computers' defenses. As a result, security programs keep getting bigger as more and more updates are issued, consuming a growing amount of resources to the point where they can interfere with productive workflow." Read more


To Real ID or Pass ID -- That is the question!

The gloves are off. The fight now begins between two similar forces. Who will win the battle for a national ID card for all Americans?

Real ID was the knee-jerk reaction to guarantee greater security following 9/11, but it has been vehemently rejected by 23 states to-date. Now before Congress is S.1261, which some are calling "Real ID-lite." Read more ...








Full reviews on LinkedIn

The Death of Distance

by Frances Cairncross

See this book on Amazon


FRANCES CAIRNCROSS was senior editor of The Economist magazine at the time she wrote this book in 1997 (revised in 2001). She is a graduate of Oxford University and Brown University. Among her credentials posted in the book, she was a governor of Britain's National Institute of Economic and Social Research and a member of the Council of the Institute for Fiscal Studies. In other words, she is qualified to know what she is talking about in this book.



One Nation Under Blog

by David Wallace and Bill Young
See this book on Amazon

Wallace, former mayor of Sugar Land, Texas (2002-2008), writes whimsically, historically, and factually on the phenomena of blogging. He portrays blogging as both a tool and a threat, which tends to give balance to his treatise. His own personal venture into the blogo-sphere came about as he experienced 'harsh negative blogs' written about him 'without basis in fact and later proven to be untrue.'