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WALLACE R. WOOD biography
Wallace R. Wood
Founder/Chairman/Executive Director

Wallace R. Wood is a native Houstonian and has been a working journalist and author since 1970. He has written extensively on global trends in advancing technology toward what he calls a world of “diginomics” (digital economics). His articles have appeared in The Houston Business Journal, and Technology Today, Houston  Metropolitan and DBA:Houston  magazines. “The world is going global, and it’s doing so electronically,” he has written.

In 1974, Wally wrote his first book, CASHLESS SOCIETY: A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY, describing a global electronic system in the 21st century. The global Internet, by which such an electronic system would function, did not come into existence until nearly 10 years later. Consequently, in his book, it was not called the "Internet," but rather, "Cencom" -- for "central computer."

In 1984, he co-founded the Shuttle News Service, broadcasting around-the-clock coverage of shuttle missions over local college radio stations. In 1987, he served as media director for Space & Telecomm, Inc. and its “Vision ’87 Space Symposium and Exhibition” at the Albert Thomas Convention Center. In this capacity, he also became the bureau chief for the Space & Telecomm News Bureau -- the first private news bureau for the American space program. Under this tenure, he co-edited the book, An Entrepreneur’s Introduction to Space Commerce and Shuttle Experiments, published in 1987.

Twenty-four years after his first book was published, in 1998, Wally was asked by his original publisher to consider writing a sequel. In giving the matter some thought, he coined a new word, Diginomics, to better identify the digital economic world that is being developed. In 2007, the
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary picked up the word as a new word in the English-speaking world, giving Wally credit for its creation and definition.

In the wake of the space shuttle Columbia disaster, Wally revived the idea of a news bureau for the space program in 2003, only to expand the concept to include the full spectrum of advancing high technology. With the Space & Technology News Bureau (STN) as the nucleus, the National Space & Technology Association (NSTA) was founded as an umbrella organization for both the technology industry and the general public. In 2011, as the space industry transitioned more away from public to private, NSTA changed its name from "Space" to "Science."

Currently, Wally continues to speak and write about "Diginomics," "Our Transparent World," and other futuristic global trends. He is available to speak before your group, company or organization.




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