Peter Brown
Former City Attorney
Gene Locke
Lt. Col. Roy Morales
(USAF – retired)
City Comptroller
Annise Parker


Ask The Candidates


The Purpose for this event is to bring focus on Houston's position and recognition as a global technology leader... and to hear from each of the mayoral candidates their commitment to make Houston a growing global showcase for advancing technology.

How will they, as Mayor of the city, continue Mayor Bill White's Digital Inclusion Initiative?

What programs will they initiate in diminishing the so-called "digital divide" in the city's underserved communities?


What plans do they have to encourage technology jobs and technology businesses to start here and stay here?


Speak and be Heard
In short, it all has to do with

The Technology FACTOR:
Affecting Your Houston, Your Career, Your Family!



What question do you have for the candidates that is technology oriented?












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