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Architecture Center of Houston
Children's Museum of Houston

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Offshore Energy Center
Space Center Houston
The Health Museum - Houston

The Weather Museum
20TH Century Technology Museum 
Texas Energy Museum
Weiss Energy Hall


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An unbiased listing of known technology associations & organizations in and around the Houston area. If you know of any that are missing from this list, please contact us at [email protected].

Assn. of Tech. Info. Professionals (AITP)/Houston
Assn. of Women in Computing (AWC)
Engineering,Science & Tech.Council
Geospatial Info & Tech Assn. (GITA)
Hospitality & Financial Technology Assn.  
Houston NW Radiology Assn. (HNRA)
Houston Technology Association (HTC)
Int'l Legal Technology Assn. (ILTA) 

National Technical Assn. (NTA)
Texas Assistive Technology Net. (TATN)

Waterjet Technology Assn. (WJTA)
Women in Technology Int'l (WITI)

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News Links to the World of Advancing Technology Across Every Genre




The 'Paper' Tablet Unveiled
A flexible screen could replace computer monitors as we know them, not to mention traditional keyboards.


Sensors Everywhere now Rising

"The INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT) is finally arriving -- and it's bubbling up from the grassroots," writes Clive Thompson in the December 2012 edition of WIRED; "everyday devices (are) talking to one another -- and us -- online, creating odd new behaviors and efficiencies." - WIRED, Dec. 2012



The Value of a STEM Education
80% of the fastest growing occupations in the US depend on the mastery of STEM skills, but today's students are ill-equipped to satisfy the growing need. Over the past 10 years, STEM jobs grew three times greater than non-STEM jobs. - Edutopia News


  The World's Largest Domed Stadium in Singapore
The 55,000-seat, 86.5 acre, retractable roofed domed National Stadium is under construction in Singapore, the world's largest of its kind. When opened in 2014, it will be one of the most techmologically advanced sports venues anywhere. Read more here ...



  Smart Gadget Secrets
There seems to be an app for virtually everything these days. Your cell phone can read your blood pressure. That old digicam you no longer use gives you better quality over Skype than your computer cam. ~ Yahoo Contributor Network


 "A Day Made of Glass"
Imagine, if you can, a world where SMART tech tools rush to you to meet your every need. A world of pervasive technology that is "always ON,"  awaiting your touch or your verbal command. It's here! Click the photo.




Web 3.0 Could Lead to E-Government That Anticipates Citizens’ Needs
"There will be a day when smartphone users can drive past a motor vehicles office that has installed sensors for transmitting citizen reminders. As people pass by, they could be alerted on their phones that their license or vehicle registration is about to expire." ~ GT News



This Thermo Mirror Can Read Your Body Temperature
The Thermo Mirror looks like an ordinary vanity mirror, but it has an infrared sensor that can measure an onlooker’s core temperature from up to 30 centimeters away. ~Gadget.com


Smart Cities of the Future Being Wired Today
IBM is setting the pace of looking at cities in the future. By 2050, it is estimated that approximately 70% of the world's population will be living in cities. Today, that figure is over 50%. Current infrastructures are stressed as it is now. Go to IBM's "Smarter Cities" website and review the multi-level presentation to see both the challenges and proposed solutions. For more information, check the sources in the "Smart Tech" sidebar on this page.




ABC News Technology
BankTechnology News
Bluetooth News
BusinessWire High Tec
CNN Science & Technology  Computerworld magazine 
Digital Trends

Forbes: Technology

Fox News Sci-Tech
Government Technology mag.
Internet News

Internet News Bureau

Odyssey magazine
PBS Technology
PC Magazine
Popular Science magazine

Science News 
Scientific American magazine

Spinoff (NASA technology annual) 
Technology Review mag.

Tech News Washington Post
Tech News World
Traffic Technology Today 
VoIP News  
World Tech News

Yahoo News: Tech










"Smart" Technology is taking digital computerization to all-new vistas that few even imagined not many years ago. "Ubiquitous ... Embedded ... Pervasive" technologies (aka: "Calm") are wiring the world. Here are some sources that will take you there.

SMART Cities
IBM's "Smarter Planet"
Smart Planet.com
City Forward
YouTubeVIDEO: Smarter Cities
Smart City Wikipedia
SmartPlanet Technology

SMART Clothes
Georgia Tech Wearable Motherboard
Textiles that Track Your Health
Smart, Hi-Tech Clothing ~ Forbes mag.
"Smart Clothing" ~ Steve Mann

SMART Streets
Houston TranStar
High-Tech Fire Hydrants

Intelligent Street Lighting White Paper
Smart Street Lights
Traffic Technology Today

SMART Appliances
Slow Growth, Big Influence 
Appliances That Talk to the Grid 
Smart Grid Insights: Appliances (pdf) 
BitPipe.com Whitepapers 

Kevin Kelly, executive editor, WIRED, ©1998
"Soon, all manufactured objects, from sneakers to drill presses to lamp shades to cans of soda, will contain a tiny sliver of embedded thought."
"Chips are becoming cheap and tiny enough to slip into every object we make. Eventually every can of soup will have a chip in its lid. Every light switch will contain a chip. Every book will have a chip embedded in its spine. Every shirt will have at least one chip sewn into its hem. Every item on a grocery shelf will have stuck to it, or embedded within itself, a button of silicon. There are 10 trillion objects manufactured in the world each year, and the day will come when each one of them will carry a flake of silicon."


To read more about the new version of Internet addresses - IPv6:
~ Wall Street Journal 020111 
~ Forbes
blog 121010 





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