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The Space & Technology News Bureau (STN) is the news division of NSTA.
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Spaceport America Under Construction Now!

[STN] As Washington debates the future of America's manned space program specifically, and America's commitment to a space program in general, one long-ago vision is becoming a reality in the deserts of New Mexico, finally! It's America's Spaceport. (


TV Commercials Watching You! You're on a downtown street when you pause in front of a retail window that has caught your attention. A TV monitor in the display suddenly shows a commercial of a favorite product ... and YOUR NAME is in the commercial! What's this!?! It's in Japan now. The US will have it soon.

Dell Releases World's Thinnest Laptop

Dell's all-new Adamo XPS is the world's thinnest laptop computer. By virtue of its frame, it weighs a rather hefty 3.2 pounds (we would have expected ounces, not pounds). Its thickest point is only 0.39 inches. Fully open, it sits at a 20-degree angle. Want one for Christmas? Start saving now! (Latest Tech Trends)

One in four Germans wants microchip under skin: poll
A March 1 poll shows that one in four Germans would be happy to have a microchip implanted in their body if they derived concrete benefits from it. (

Broadband's Future: Broadcasting Data Using Desk Lamps

[STN] One day, the lamp on your desk may provide all the bandwidth you need to surf the Web. Researchers in Germany declare the light coming from the lamps in your home could one day encode a wireless broadband signal. (ScienceDaily)

New Transmitter Technology to Revolutionize Shopping Experience

[STN] Imagine walking through your local grocery and walking out the door without walking through the checkout. Rice University researchers are working to change the future of product package coding. (Houston Business Journal)



The Coalition for Space Exploration

For one of the best online sources for updated, ongoing news about the space program, the Coalition for Space Exploration ranks very high in our book. Always current. Full of information. Check it out. Click here.

SURVEY: Public Still Supports Space Program

The majority of Americans - almost 90% - still support the manned space program, says the Coalition for Space Exploration. "Space is still very important to the American people," the Coalition says about the survey. See Report.

"The future of American human space exploration and the 'Critical Path'"
by Roger Handberg

NASA Chief Charles Bolden

 Bolden: "There is no 'Plan B' for Space Program

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden issued a memo saying there is no "Plan B" and that he only asked two agency directors to help develop an accelerated plan for research and development on a heavy lift launch vehicle. The lack of heavy lift capability is one of the big sticking points for many on the new plan. (Universe Today)


A "Technology Trolling" program created as a catalyst for Innovation & Invention, employing NASA Space Spinoffs Automation. Robotics and Simulation division at the
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas

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